Thursday, October 25, 2012

Diy Fabric Flowers Tutorial

Learn how to make these gorgeous satin fabric flowers step by step

What you need :
Different size of Glasses
Candle or Lighter
Satin or Silk Fabric
Card Board Paper or CardStock
Hot Glue Gun or Needle and Thread

Use the glasses and the cardstock paper to creative a circle template
Make sure to make three different size of circle.

Pick your choice of fabric
Here I'm using Satin
Best to use Silk or Satin

Cut fabric to fix your circle template

To Creative a Shabby Chic Flower Cut Out 
8 Large Size Circle
6 Medium Size Circle
4 Small Size Circle

Hold the fabric about 2 inches above the Candle the edge will begin to melt
 Repeat this step to each fabric circle.

Stack from Largest to Smallest Fabric Flowers
Use Hot Glue Gun or Thread a Needle to Keep Flowers Together

Handmade Unique One-Of- Kind Fabric Flower Hair Comb
Made with Satin Fabric, Velvet Petals and Flowers
So  Romantic & Sweet
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  1. Beautiful idea! I will have to try this.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and sweet comment !!!!

  2. I love your flowers. Very beautiful and romantics.

  3. I love your flowers. Very beautiful and romantics.